Social Mobility in Medieval Italy (1100-1500)

Social Mobility in Medieval Italy (1100-1500)

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This volume aims to investigate the complex theme of social mobility in medieval Italy both by comparing Italian research to contemporary international studies in various European contexts, and by analysing a broad range of themes and specific case studies. Medieval social mobility as a European phenomenon, in fact, still awaits a systematic analysis, and has seldom been investigated iuxta propria principia in social, political and economic history. The essays in the book deal with a number of crucial problems: how is social mobility investigated in European and Mediterranean contexts? How did classic mobility channels such as the Church, officialdom, trade, the law, the lordship or diplomacy contribute to shaping the many variables at play in late medieval societies, and to changing – and challenging – inequality? How did movements and changes in social spaces become visible, and what were their markers? What were the dynamics at the heart of the processes of social mobility in the many territorial contexts of the Italian peninsula?

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Sandro Carocci

Sandro Carocci insegna Storia medievale presso l’Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”. Tra le sue pubblicazioni: Baroni di Roma. Dominazioni signorili e lignaggi aristocratici nel Duecento e nel primo Trecento (Roma 1993); Il nepotismo nel medioevo. Papi, cardinali, famiglie nobili (Roma 1999). Ha progettato e curato i volumi relativi al medioevo della Storia d’Europa e del Mediterraneo (Roma 2006-2007).

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